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For the sake of all concerned.

For the sake of all concerned, I really hope this is finally the breakthrough end is really in sight. Want want to go to the Oscars on in all its glory, but I hope that the stubborn studio execs are finally to his senses and agreeing on what the writers are asking for. We keep you posted on the progress and whether the writers strike really come to an end this week.

We do not ruling out anything. We see both looking, with the very well known and the very talented, but they may not be quite there yet. My vote is for the latter.. Kavanaugh would obviously not say who they are looking for Eric Draven, the guitarist, who is brought back from the dead to him and play play to avenge his fiance? We are looking for. We are in talks. I think it’s a little chilly, we are approaching it differently. It really is a whole relaunch franchise, much more of a dark superhero type. For this role? a perfect role for Christian Bale. Are they even went for well-known actors? It is an actor you ‘ve never heard. Read More…

Posted on January 29, 2015, 5:12 am
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Not all news is good news.

First had to Kevin Costner, to step out of his role as Ace Woody, the right hand of the ruthless plantation / slave owner Calvin Candie and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also forced. Stepping out his role because of the scheduling, because his directorial debut In addition Proof Kurt Russell came into the former actor as a secondary villain, but it seems some problems on the set caused Russell to walk out of the film.. Not all news is good news, and it sounds like it ‘s been more than a few fights bad luck when it comes to casting Quentin Tarantino Django Unchained western.

Jeff Jeff Sneider from Variety tweeted about Russell farewell, and there is a rumor the IMDb message boards that Russell became unhappy with his role and the film in general, because it is not Western enough and went Just off the set and never came back.. In addition, it seems, Sacha Baron Cohen, who landed a part in November, will no longer appear in the film either, but for different reasons. The press tour for the dictator keeps him busy while he would shoot the role in the movie are just now. In full.ot clear who is replaced him or, as Cohen said Howard Stern , only a minor role only a minor role, if the role is to to be written in full. Read More…

Posted on January 20, 2015, 8:21 am
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The Apocalypse for mandates as well.

And I wonder what this so unique – about what life is by this guy a good comedy a good comedy? It is worthwhile to keep in mind, but that was it for today.. The script, butes Will Reiser I’m With Cancer ProjectRogen and Goldberg are writing and producing Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse for mandates as well. I’m cancer cancer are detected quickly and extinguished the directors this month in the hope that slid into production immediately. This is one of those projects with so much confusing information that I really am not sure what I think about it yet.

I thinkck 3 ‘ and ‘ Tropic Thunder ‘ Writer for ‘ Ghostbusters 3 ‘ threadNow it’s just a question of whether Cohen can something that respect for the original film ‘s craft holds ,, Dan Ayrkroyd and Harold Ramis happy, and appeals to the next generation of Ghostbusters fans. Cohen own own directorial debut in the works in the form of Boy Scouts vs. Zombies, but that is probably slowly developed, giving him enough time to Ghostbusters 3 is written. Ehrlich if there is a write write a solid script for the sequel, I think Cohen is the man for the job but only time will tell if remain Ghostbusters 3 development development hell thought. ? Read More…

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DiCaprio and Scott actually wrapped just another project.

DiCaprio and Scott actually wrapped just another project, Body of Lies. It’s pretty cool that the two come together past this project this project. I suppose they feel a bit of chemistry between them. We’ll see how good that dynamic when lying comes just before Christmas this year. If it works, that is all the more be more positive impact on the emerging Low Dwellers.

For the rabid fans that have been waiting with bated breath to hear about this cosmic comic book adaptation, the time has come for you to learn the full line-up. Gamorra, Star Lord and yes, Rocket Raccoon, your Guardians of the Galaxy. And we have our first good look below.. Here is the first concept art from Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy, is updated in high res by Disney:as expected, Marvel brought the thunder in her film panel in Hall H, and the news was flowing had had just exploded at Marvel Studios. Stay tuned to our news on the Thor and Captain America sequels, but its ambitious their ambitious new property, Guardians of the Galaxy, we finally have some real news. Read More…

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Sooner or later.

While we probably have agreed to the deal seven versions before David negotiations and yet it’s like, ‘Oh my God, we just want to to do this film, but jokes aside, this is why we are working with David. .. Sooner or later, update on David Fincher’s Heavy Metal. There are three other directors who can not tell yet I , but is if we, if we can tell you David is pretty a program that is pretty outstanding set and it is a kind of fascinating for people like Tim and I, the level level, have on a number of levels, but never in a David Fincher level.

Middle-class and Roger Avary Leave Fincher’s Black Hole BehindLet’s review what about Black Hole everything before we in the juicy details. Black Hole is a black and white comic book series Ask published in 1995. Ask follows in the suburbs of Seattle in the middle-1970s, the story of a group of middle-class teenagers who caused on behalf of a mysterious STD as a ‘teen plague ‘known they develop bizarre physical mutations to them marginalized in social. Several young people find seclusion ‘The Pit’, a camp in the forest. Read More…

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For better or for worse.

- – by the relatively aggressive Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King , for which the group with Green Day producer Rob Cavallo together, the new album feels light and responsive, and in the appropriately titled Sweet to swim about a father’s experience in teaching his son. – On Bowl Matthews sang the first half of Sweet solo , accompanied himself on ukulele, before the other players joined in and pushed the music a kind of dorm-room reggae. Was was also stripped down The Space Between , a wistful love song from 2001, the Everyday . Away From the World combines the Dave Matthews Band with Steve Lillywhite, the British producer , who led the group in the mid 90′s hits, and it contains a wealth of echoes: In Belly Belly Nice Matthews a bright rides Folk – funk groove la What would you say, while Mercy channels the gentle urging of Crash Into Me ..

Follow the Ministry of Gossip on Twitter@ LATcelebs and on Facebook / ministryofgossip.JC Penney behind Ellen DeGeneres as a spokeswomanEllen DeGeneres thanks supporters kerfuffle in JCPenney[Poll]nixes Heidi Klum Halloween party because Sandy devastationDeGeneres and Vergara.. Also photos Celebrity Halloween Parties 2012 Sofia Vergara Emmy Party our MVP Ellen DeGeneres is honoredwith Mark Twain Prize for American Humor Perhaps more shocking than DeGeneres ‘dress, but Vergara is the American accentFollow Christie D’ Zurilla on Twitter and Google+. Read More…

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A publicist contacted us and told us that for now.

Update:. A publicist contacted us and told us that for now, only produces Timur. Vespa Pictures and its principles Jeff Vespa and Ilene Staple optioned the book mounted Auburn to adapt it for the screen, and then teamed up with Timur, produce the film produce the film side – by-side. Producers take all three producer credits. All of what we know now is, let you know what project it is not Timur decide to head to next.

An eccentric 40 year old man lives alone in a run-down house in Tokyo. He regularly turns into a huge fight and defends Japan similarly sized monsters that turn up and destroy buildings. Read More…

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STORY: Rome Festival presents diverse lineup.

STORY: Rome Festival presents diverse lineup, heavy on fresh talent, lighter on big namesThe seven-year-old festival lineup announced in October with high expectations for a program rumored Quentin Tarantino ‘s Django include Unchained,Rome Festival versatile lineup, heavy on New Talents, lighter presented at big names The first years the artistic director , who took his job in May, said he was late to some of the landing big movies he have liked to win.

October Mueller says he would not pay to Stars to bring eventMarco Mueller officially named Rome Film Festival Artistic DirectorMueller a successful a successful eight years at the Film Festival in Venice, as a as a likely candidate lead to the Rome Festival his 27th his 27th December 2011 overthrow of the world’s oldest film festival. But he was not officially approved by the festival ‘s board until May. After a long and contentious struggle between his supporters and those of the then incumbent Piera Detassis. Read More…

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Since as far back as in January 2010.

Since as far back as in January 2010, is director Tim Burton free direct Maleficent was appropriate to include a live action on Sleeping Beauty, that would be the fairytale story from the perspective of the Wicked Witch, the princess tell tell Writer Linda Woolverton.

Gregory Colbert also asked whether there was a point to his satire, which for anyone who ‘s ever watched The Colbert Report, seem like a redundant question. For office, dutifully that yes, he is trying to tell you something: I’m a satirist. Satire is parody with a point. If I was in the satire and not a sight that would be truly schizophrenic. May have had Stephen Colbert mocks too bears his religion in his punchlines Stephen Colbert critics of the VP debate moderator Martha Raddatz Stephen Colbert learn disappointed Jesus, a woman -.. Read More…

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A new pharmaceutical.

Perhaps with a little also joins Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects The cast of Steven Soderbergh’s next film Side Effects, a new pharmaceutical, psychological thriller, already has an interesting assembly of talent with Blake Lively, Jew Law and Channing Tatum. Now, another previous colleague Soderbergh is into the mix as Deadline reports Catherine Zeta-Jones has now joined the cast. The story follows a troubled and depressed woman , the serious amounts from prescription drugs played is that it leads to a relationship with a doctor of law.

Has just done scripting Contagion for Soderbergh, and also worked on The Man from UNCLE before the director leaving the project. It sounds like we can expect something on the same note as Contagion, perhaps with a little traffic style thrown in there, Of course, Zeta-Jones and Soderbergh previously was working on. If Soderbergh to retire really is imminent, we better enjoy these last few movies he has in him. Of course, it looks like the film could be in trouble, as Variety reports she just lost funding and the participation of Lively, Law and factual remains unclear. Stay tuned.. Zeta-Jones will play Dr. Erica Siebert, but it is not clear how it are involved with the story only. Read More…

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