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But now Morgan Freeman will be conducted in the future.

The film follows the last man on a post-apocalyptic Earth and almost uninhabitable, which remains behind on ships, repair the chase and blow a virulent alien species. But this time it is not clear what role Freeman has landed in the sci-fi story.. In history Heading into the future with Tom Cruise in ‘Oblivion’His booming voice as a narrative space and the sky in the Science Channel series served ‘through the wormhole, ‘but now Morgan Freeman will be conducted in the future. Deadline has word that the veteran actor has a decisive role in Oblivion, the big-budget sci-fi film from Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, starring Tom Cruise landed the main role.

As for DiCaprio engagement, it seems rather odd, as the actor not known for taking over of the conventional blockbuster genre movies like this. However, because the work with Bryan Singer of the appeal of the appeal. For now, consider this a rumor something something official, but with all the attention on the big screen adaptations of TV series and movies from the last few decades, I bet that will get off the ground soon. Anyone interested?. But while the film takes its title from the classic series about a crippled test pilot , which is built with nuclear powered limbs and as a as a unique intelligence agent, the film is still the the new Cyborg Martin Caidin. Apparently, the writers behind Jack the Giant Killer is script the adaptation. Read More…

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New York[IMDb]Youll get a[IMDb] link next to the notice film.

Medicine Best First Feature Afterschool[IMDb] for Melancholy[IMDb] Sangre De Mi Sangre[IMDb] Sleep Dealer[IMDb] Synecdoche, New York[IMDb]You’ll get a[IMDb] link next to the notice film. This is so that you can explore and discover great new movies, as it is guaranteed to to be at least one you ‘ve never heard here. Continue reading for the full list of nominees and winners of the 24th Independent Spirit Awards. Winners are bold.

Since then we have nothing more connected from Pitt on this project, but earlier this year we heard that Gray was part of the project ‘s next directing gig. Now we have come to the county, as Variety reports Pitt is now in talks to officially take the lead role of an Assassin.. In November 2010, the adaptation the adaptation of The Lost City of Z by director James Gray, after Brad Pitt left the project, how little the filmmakers wanted be paid for the project. Then the next day it has been said that the actor was considering both adaptations of Cogan’s trade and the gray man as potential projects. Read More…

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Was Daniel Craig I saw? around it was only Callum Keith Rennie. I have a good feeling that most this film is this frozen lake to center, the FBI looking Seems. It not, as Mulder and Scully standing there at the end when they both turn and look at ‘something ‘Hey X-Files fans makes sure that you take a look at the trailer below and chime in with your thoughts! Are you excited to finally Mulder and Scully back?. [ Javascript.!. Required to view Flash movie, please turn it and refresh this page]The first trailer for X-Files: I Want to Believe is finally here, the enthusiasm for this film is to build definitely with this trailer!. It really does not reveal much, but still to start the perfect amount of discussion about what the hell actually happened.

It’s just phenomenal for a second time One of my favorite films of the year, it is so good that movement, amazing, even you can see it again. , which, which picked up the film and released this summer, has a new interactive website plus a viral Tumblr blog with an emphasis on small, wet Southern Louisiana region finds launched in the nickname ‘the bathtub.’The visit is cool, if you can.. This is a great way to introduce and immerse a new audience to the breathtaking world of animals – Click here to visitI just saw Benh Zeitlin & Court 13 the Beasts of the Southern Wild, the top Grand Jury Prize winner at Sundance and my favorite film of the festival for second time today at the Cannes Film Festival. Read More…

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No more than two days after it was announced at Cannes.

No more than two days after it was announced at Cannes, showed that both Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard would be in the upcoming David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis, this brand new piece offers promo art to star in the latest daily edition of the festival diversity. The two sides shows the limo, in March 2011rides. Than the multi-millionaire asset manager that crosses the whole of Manhattan in this limo just for a haircut There is not much to do because they did not start shooting , but it’s still pretty cool to see. I just completely love the sleek blue design.

This version actually marks a very interesting point in the digital distribution space, as it can to avoid Rockstar bring the problems solving an AO-rated game in the retail sector, namely the fact that most retailers won t sell AO – rated games. It also means that the children could easily download the game I contacted Rockstar to find out about what this move might mean for future Manhunt title, ‘ll ‘ll let you know what I hear. Read More…

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Bunting fell at his home in Brentwood and was rushed to St.

Bunting fell at his home in Brentwood and was rushed to St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, his long-time his long-time friend and colleague Terry Curtin.Ammer was thought to have been in good health. His death was a shock to many friends in Hollywood. – ‘She had lymphoma, and could barely walk, ‘said Sherak. ‘They wanted to come here, and Geoff went to Miami, picked her up, turned her on a plane and brought them to my house. You died here. That was Geoff. He did not because he worked for me, do you think. To me he was my friend. ‘.

- Among the many successful films he worked ‘Alien,”Working Girl,”The Sixth Sense,”Black Hawk Down ‘and ‘Spider-Man ‘was.. He worked at Fox for nearly a decade and moved to Disneyland and eventually reached the rank of co – president of marketing.Born in Toledo, April 1950, Bunting went to the University of Florida and worked in concert promotion before his Hollywood career at 20th Century Fox in the early 1980s.In 2000, he was President for Marketing and Sales in the commissioning relativity, but the next year he moved to Sony, serving as head of domestic marketing and then run a worldwide basis. Passionately will be held on Friday at 11 clock to at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills in the ballroom. Read More…

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Julia Roberts plays the evil queen.

We all know, Lily Collins as Snow White in Tarsem Colorful filmThis version of Snow White true true to the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Julia Roberts plays the evil queen, Sean Bean, her husband, the king, and Armie Hammer as Prince. Goes on to explain goes on to explain: It is a naive innocent young girl who transforms into a woman and really finds itself, Collins says. Compared to the dainty Snow White we all know, this is the the same. She’s very much that fairy tale princess we? Have all read about it in books. You that she that she is a fighter in the end been upgraded. Read more at EW. Relativity will bring Tarsem Snow White in theaters 16th March 2012.

Pitch Black is one of my all-time favorite sci-fi movies that I can visit again and again, but Riddick disintegrated as a result. I really was not that entertain and not care if they trilogy not not. If Twowy can pull of something amazing, but I ‘m still interested – because diesel Riddick is a sign that I can never get enough of it, no matter how bad the film. Thoughts?. Am still interestedomises two more Riddick moviesSo why say diesel that it takes so long, when it is not the poor box office? It only takes five make another one make another one because David Twohy and I are so precious about it. He is right that – Pitch Black 2000 and 2000 and Chronicles of Riddick was released in mid-2004, nearly five years apart. Read More…

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Blue Valentine and written by up-and-coming filmmaker Derek Cianfrance.

Blue Valentine and written by up-and-coming filmmaker Derek Cianfrance, the film at the University of Colorado studied and directed numerous short films and documentaries directed. The script was co-written by officially Cianfrance, Joey Curtis and Cami Delavigne. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year and was picked up by The Weinstein Company. Blue Valentine hits limited theaters from 31 December.

‘Align seem to me the kind of guy who ,, ‘and I took that as a big compliment, ‘Although we do not yet know what it is, Joe seems to be very excited for her. ‘This is the first finished finished a movie I thought was good enough ‘make into a movie, he says. Fascinates me to see what is all this and how it turns out, bring it on hitRecord Joe!. Gordon-Levitt was goaded in director Quentin Tarantino, as well as shooting a supporting role in his western Django Unchained, ‘It will be difficult, ‘ wise, but I was honest with Quentin upfront, ‘he recalls. Read More…

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Centurion is both written by British auteur Neil Marshall.

Centurion will hit limited theaters starting 27 August and early online VOD and Xbox on 30 Visit the official website: centurionmovie. Those who go to see?. Centurion is both written by British auteur Neil Marshall, of Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Doomsday before. There is an epic action-adventure film in 117 AD about a group of Roman soldiers, in the United Stateso behind enemy lines behind enemy lines after their legion is decimated in a devastating guerrilla attack. This is an premiered and Action festival during SXSW earlier this year as well.

Sounds pretty good, does not it McTeigue been scouting locations in Europe, if I, if there is more action and horror would be asked here is what he said :.. A few days ago I spoke with Ninja Assassin director James McTeigue at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX At the end I asked him to give me an update on some of his projects, including his next feature. The Raven, the Slash film first shown in August. I straight straight with him about the Superman rumor again , as the rumor disappear disappear ever seem. Read More…

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By courtesy of Fidel Castro in Argentine / Guerilla SoderberghThe Argentine and Guerrilla.

By courtesy of Fidel Castro in Argentine / Guerilla SoderberghThe Argentine and Guerrilla, both directed and co-written by Steven Soderbergh . Peter Buchman also helped co – write the script with Soderbergh. Focus Features will release both movies, but release dates have not been determined.

One of the more exciting series of films that are likely to arrive in theaters sometime in 2009 is Steven Soderbergh’s back-to-back double – movie epic about Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara. The result is two separate films, The Argentine and Guerrilla. The Argentine deals with Guevara attempt the regime of dictator Fulgencio Batista in Cuba overthrow by mobilizing an army of Cuban exiles lead by Fidel Castro. Guerrilla Guevara deals with travel to New York City to address the United Nations in 1964. Courtesy of AICN we have the first photos from the film that show N Bichir as Fidel Castro. Read More…

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Activity tapers until 2006.

The return of ‘Community ‘will be the debut it will be the debut of the show, without its creator, Dan Harmon, at the top. Harmon was let go from Sony Pictures Television , which produces the series, during the summer. The new show runner David Guarascio and Moses Port, have spared no effort, the fans, that it is not far detached from the original vision for the show Harmon secure. Not even ‘ Community ‘ show runner expect fans call them ‘daddy ‘ Community ‘, ‘ Whitney ‘ return date gets nixed ‘ Community ‘ Dan Harmon fans on Chevy Chase feud tells..

Southwestern style Southwestern style architecture, the college ‘s look that it that it almost every college pose to both coasts. Standing next to UC Irvine, Occidental has as as UCLA, Boston College, UC Berkeley and Columbia University. Read More…

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