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Year old Leading Adaptation of The Monster of Florence .

Year old Leading Adaptation of The Monster of Florence ‘. In the recent news, it has become clear that George Clooney is quite busy both before and behind the camera addition to directing The Ides of March , and on top of an adaptation a musical about the Enron scandal is attached, is Clooney also the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron sci-fi film Gravity will and perhaps Steven Soderbergh’s adaptation of the Man from UNCLE But now Deadline has word on another with a vehicle for the A – list star as Fox 2000 has just closed a deal to Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi non-fiction thriller The Monster of Florence, the story of the duo attempt to a 30 release year-old serial murder case.

It is not clear how soon Clooney would to shoot the project, especially since Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander to write the script yet. It sounds like quite a compelling thriller, but we are still not sure who will pay it, so stay tuned. Interested?. Clooney would Preston in history to play after the investigation of the murder of seven pairs from 1974 to 1985 killed, parked while in their cars on the outskirts of the titular Italian town. Read More…

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Tribes: Vengeance beta applications openIn the meantime.

Tribes: Vengeance beta applications openIn the meantime, a little piece of of the also get also get his hands on the game early next LAN party strains. Consisting of two simultaneous tournaments on each coast will take place July 22 to 25, will Tribal Wars have a preview of the game and pre-order customers can drop from the event and get a guaranteed position in the closed beta. Information about the information about the event can be found in.

We will probably get our hands on Vengeance alongside the first beta testers , so looking forward a full report shortly to how Irrational Games take ‘ on the classic online shooter has developed. The finished version of the game is currently scheduled to to arrive in October this year. Read More…

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Apper New Photo from Ruben Fleischer Gangster Squad The LAPD fights to the East Coast Mafia.

This fall.apper New Photo from Ruben Fleischer ‘ Gangster Squad ‘The LAPD fights to the East Coast Mafia, run by Mickey Cohen to keep Los Angeles in the 1940s and 50s. Gangster Squad is by Ruben Fleischer from a script by Will Beall , is based on Paul Lieberman directed book written. The cast includes Sean Penn as gangster Mickey Cohen, along with Brolin, Gosling, Patrick, plus Emma Stone, Nick Nolte, Giovanni Ribisi, Frank Grillo and Mireille Enos. Quite a wonderful occupation. The film was shot late last year by Los Angeles and is of Warner Bros as of 19 October will be published this fall.

‘Robert called and e-mail your non-stop. She twisted a bit by his manners, Unfortunately theaying to their number one choice of Kurt. ‘.. After dusk.bert Pattinson Might play Kurt Cobain in a biopicI do not of course believe that for a second, but it’s the rumor of the day, so I thought it would be good to mention nevertheless. It is actually a Cobain biopic in the works, so that really a part, but that does not mean anything really. In February, we reported that Oscar nominated writer Oren Moverman would revise the script for a biopic , but that’s all we know. Read More…

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Spin-off or remake of the Twilight saga books.

Bloody Disgusting report said that the internal discussions with with Lionsgate / Summit a sequel a sequel, spin-off or remake of the Twilight saga, and frankly, I’d be surprised actually more when they disagreed with the conversations to know each other. Love it or hate it, put Twilight Summit on the map and back was a big part of why Lionsgate acquired the studio for a while, so it made perfect sense that the execs would like to explore ways to continue pulling in massive amounts of cash makes this franchise generated books . The studio denial of the report was probably done out of respect for the current series, because I’m sure, that these not made public not made public, and I am with Breaking Dawn – Part Two set to be published in a few months , it seems disingenuous to the fans of this series, if the studio already is in the grand finale and a remake.

Today announcedCompany officially a Fraggle Rock movieCan someone please explain why 2009 is the year in which Jim Henson ‘s creations are all back on the big screen? I understand that the dolls were well received in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, although they presented presented in any media since 1999, but does that mean they are more successful in their return? So you tell me – if you Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock back in the 80s, you are actually going to take the interest in this movie? Weird dolls can still captivate the audience, even twenty years later? I could be wrong, and I’m going to say first that I am curious to see how that comes along anyway ‘m his. Read More…

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Where it seems as if every brother and his is for break with some shade in the tourbus.

Ultimately,y are held as a drug gun on his tour bus in Texas took Nelly and his entourage with the latest the victims the victims that fall checkpoint – the one on I-10 in Texas, where it seems as if every brother and his is for break with some shade in the tourbus.

And Democrats, during their meeting, wrapped Thursday, raced to the liberal – skewing MSNBC and filled social media platforms with millions of comments during speeches by President Obama and others.. In New political conventions, a blue channel and red channel’When people say that there is some sort of equivalence,’he said, ‘I go, ‘Really?’ ‘Data from the past two weeks the rhetoric – filled political meetings show that Americans always funneling into separate silos partisan media. Read More…

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Watch the trailer for the Stephen Daldry Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Watch the trailer for the Stephen Daldry Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, via Apple:You can also Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Trailer in High Def on AppleThe trip will the lives of many the lives of many. Warner Bros has just debuted is based the first official trailer for the Stephen Daldry Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, starring Tom Hanks and Thomas Horn as his son in the film, Oskar Schell. The story involves a young boy who ‘s father is killed in the 9/11 attacks, and his experience when he finds a mysterious key. This should be a strong Oscar contender, and it’s definitely it looks , thanks to the help of some U2 and VoiceOver. The cast includes Sandra Bullock, Max von Sydow, John Goodman , and Viola Davis.

Although it certainly was not universally accepted, there are many people look forward to the upcoming sequel JJ Abrams in 2009 reboot of Star Trek franchise. While details were scarce , the script is a work in progress. Fortunately, the upcoming 200th Edition of SFX Magazine Abrams and writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci the potential of the the potential of the anticipated sequel. I do not want to inspire everyone but Klingons and the iconic villain Kahn are certainly talking points, but you will all information information that they are willing to were under disclosure. Read More…

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Who married in September 2001.

The couple, who married in September 2001, have separated since October 2009, according to documents TMZ obtained. The 63 – year-old singer legal name Stevland Morris, alias prodigy Little Stevie Wonder has requested joint custody of his two boys with Kai, 10-year and 7-year Kailand Mandla. Wonder was married once, for 18 months, until the late singer Syreeta Wright.

An R – Andrew Breitbart documentary release on Credit Rating War With MPAA Delayed In the current MPAA guidelines, if a film uses one of the harsher sexually derived words – such as the F-word – more than a certain number of times, replaced it an R – rating. But the MPAA has sometimes inconsistent judgments about language. Read More…

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While : Argo a Hollywood with a real with a real result coming soon Mendez in Iran.

Forward, while : ‘Argo’ a Hollywood with a real with a real result – coming soon Mendez in Iran, ‘Argo ‘serious again, and Affleck as an actor in at his persuasive best to always trust the nervous houseguests him this unusual pattern. . – Before Affleck character, Tony Mendez, the picture, ‘Argo ‘will bring up to two times faster pass. First we see a brisk history of Iran, elaborately by Kyle Cooper from Prologue pictures designed with a combination of cartoon images and newsreel met us in the 1953 CIA-backed Iranian coup against Mohammad Mosaddegh regime and bringing the Shah to power.

Blizzard president Mike Morhaime told Moviehole that ‘there are still plans for a World of Warcraft movie. ‘And what are they? ‘The script is written, but if they say anything more than that they will be shot. ‘That is one of the shortest updates that we ‘ve ever heard, but it sounds like a World of Warcraft movie is still in the works, even if we do not see until 2015. With Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack due out soon, World of Warcraft is still as popular as ever.. Has the potential tocraft Movie Still on the Horizon?Annual BlizzCon Blizzard wrapped up in Anaheim and just like last year, we have another new offer to hold us over until the next year. Read More…

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John John Dies at the End & three more films at Sundance 2012John Cooper.

All we know is at the end, and I love it. ‘Sundance is one of my favorite festivals, I ‘m always excited the line-up the line-up. Sundance 2012 will run from January 19 to 29 next month. For more information: / festival /.. John John Dies at the End ‘ & three more films at Sundance 2012John Cooper, Director of the Sundance says: ‘The quality of the films in the 2012 Competition section for an exciting Festival and a remarkable coming year provide independent film that audiences everywhere, ‘Robert Redford.:.

There is also a sort of tentacle creature latched David breast, a clear indication that Coscarelli is the weirdness dipped dial way in these. It is effective and strange and gives a good indication of the oddities in every scene we are due. You know thought: John dies at the end looks like a soy sauce bottle filled with madness. Loaded with bloody monster, crazy – as-hell characters and a premise that plays around in your brain like a ditch insect? Full disclosure, we are still not positive what this film is really about? Coscarelli looks back with yet another mind – screw of a film. Read More…

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Im not really that excited by this.

Slash movie just discovered, via Twitter, that the actors Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe in this could be poured. Doug McGrath script reading The tweets from producer Christine Vachon that Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe were AMAZING together , after saying that come came to pass As Doug McGrath originally attached to steer it sounds like this is the same project. Obviously, this is not officially confirmed. It was announced earlier this week that Scott Hicks would directing the Lucky One with shooting to begin in May. Warner Bros is developing the project with Denise Di Novi and Kevin McCormick producing ..

I do not expect to be in it, because, as it will be another Nicholas Sparks sappy romance, with the Iraq war to mixed, and that is just not my cup of tea sounds. But I will be curious to see if these two are in fact the primary cast for The Lucky One. Would you be happy with these two?. Romance and Lily Rabe Join Scott Hicks ‘ The Lucky One?I like this news, because if it is true it Daniel Radcliffe an opportunity to break out wrapped up in a romantic role after Harry Potter could be. Read More…

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