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It sounds like a fairly unique premise for a science fiction novel.

Anyone else interested? – Back in 2008, when the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still presents Keanu Reeves as the alien Klaatu, it looked like the actor finally a role that allowed him to present his weird out-of-body style of play found that was on display so well in the matrix. Now Reeves sci-fi back when described in a whole new light passengers, a movie as a love story set on a spaceship which Variety search reports Italian filmmaker Gabriele Muccino to be steered. The sci-fi romance was Jon Spaihts the upcoming Alien prequel for Ridley Scott wrote wrote.. It sounds like a fairly unique premise for a science fiction novel, and the last time Reeves took a leap into a conceptually strange romance for his part in The Lake House with Globe winner Sandra Bullock, which I enjoy at the end? would be great to would be great to to see Bullock team with with Reeves to the enormous real chemistry they have ignite new on-screen love interest Muccino said would be a lesser known talent.

The film is set in the future on a space ship, set a centuries-long interstellar voyage to a new planet. Because of a computer error, a single passenger awakens from cryogenic sleep 90 years before anyone else. Faced with the prospect of old and dying alone, he awakens again another beautiful woman. Read More…

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Parked to the information about a suicide note in his car on the bridge.

Tony Scott was a talented, acclaimed, admired, respected filmmaker directed 16 features in his time. – Update# 2: Now Deadline reports that this update is not at all about inoperable brain cancer true. Scott ‘s widow Donna the police the police that the famous filmmaker / TV producer does not have brain tumors. After these updates and news on Monday evening, it sounds like Scott did not suffer from any disease, however, is that still unconfirmed. ABC News says that Tony Scott just found out that inoperable brain cancer before they jumping to his death on Sunday: Update -.

It makes me nervous and sad, even on the grounds that achieved a man like Tony Scott wants to think was going to kill himself. He is survived by his wife, Donna W. And their two children. Our thoughts are with his family and friends and the entire community filmmaker that be completely shocked and devastated by this news. Recalls not only through his many movies, even the red baseball cap he always remembered.. From Top Gun to Beverly Hills Cop II Days of Thunder The Last Boy Scout on True Romance Crimson Tide to Enemy of the State to Man on Fire to D j? Vu, Taking of Pelham 123 to Unstoppable Tony Scott leave legacy unforgettable films. Even at the age of 68 he was in some other projects. Read More…

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Though the Tron Legacy star as the lead role in Warner Bros.

Though the Tron Legacy star as the lead role in Warner Bros. Live-action adaptation of the anime Akira was cast, the production was again urged to take Garrett Hedlund on other, perhaps more inspiring project possible. Variety has word that Hedlund has landed a role in the Coen Brothers ‘ folk music centric film in Llewyn Davis. While it is not clear what character Hedlund will play, his singing chops on display in on display in Country Strong likely make him a strong candidate to be one of the many singers in the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene, the film at the center of play.

The project on Dave Van Ronk ‘s memoirs the Mayor of MacDougal Street, the musician time chronicles as larger-than-life for the famous folk music haunts and mentoring based musicians such rising talents like Bob Dylan famous, I hope to many famous folk singers on the screen with some great talents do see cameos depicted.. The WGA West and WGA East publishes the results of their board and municipal elections Sunday.Garrett Hedlund Joins Coen’s Folk Music Movie ‘Inside Llewyn Davis ‘Apparently Akira was originally keeping in mind a role in Joel and Ethan Coen movie Hedlund, but now his schedule is clear Hedlund joins a range of fantastic talents like. Read More…

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Lohans are drugs Deadallegedly drove her assistant said Lohan.

The lead role opposite porn star James DeenLohan should not Elizabeth Tayor Tayor had beautiful eyes filled with life playing. Lohans are drugs Deadallegedly drove her assistant said Lohan. If Lindsay was in fact behind the wheel, they would be guilty of false information to an officer, which could in turn parole parole, the jail makes again a possibility.

It is the first album in more than 51 /2 years ago was to sell more than 1 million copies in its first week of release when it came out two years ago. It is sold for more than 4 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. This is the same insatiable thirst for knowledge they exhibited early and convinced her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift, from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, to move to Nashville with their ambitious 14 – year-old daughter and her younger brother, who – - now enrolled at Vanderbilt University in the country music capital.. Read More…

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Writer John Blickstead The film should start photographing this fall near Shanghai.

Either way, the story is one of China’s most famous and one of the first to put the gender inequality in question, and has a major chord in the progression of their culture.. Writer John Blickstead The film should start photographing this fall near Shanghai, but it is not clear which taking place in time. Since the story was have passed down through hundreds of years, it has in several different time periods, the, earliest of which De Bont during the Northern Wei Dynasty. Inspiration from a novel from a novel written sometime during the Ming dynasty, but no details are mentioned in the script to give us of the film of the film focus beyond the warrior.

These idiots and their stupid attorney must go and pray they are not sued for malicious prosecution.Travolta and actress Kelly Preston since 1991, since 1991, their third child, Benjamin in 2010, in 2010, eldest son Jett died in 2009 at age 16 after a. Seizure while on a family vacation trip to the Bahamas. Read More…

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Finally doing Jennifer Push-ups started.

They are actually hard and hard and intense from both athletes by nature director water Mark said at the Hollywood premiere this week. They would actually very competitive with each other because Matthew pumps himself up by doing push-ups before every take. Finally doing Jennifer Push-ups started , and there was one-handed push-ups , which could beat the other person? all pushing each other out and I sat there going with my big belly from eating Dunkin Donuts guys we to do have a look please. .

However, said Mr. McConaughey it was actually Garner, who presented him with harsh words.

‘We had to pick up a shot, and six months, and Matthew have push-ups inflated learning all the time in front of him,’Garner explained. ‘We took this shot one day and so he kept himself, jumped off, and began his push-ups I just said. ”. So I just voted him ‘I’m sick of watching this – ‘It would be couldn couldn t gone,’added our source. ‘He resisted on ‘ Idol’ go for years, he thought the show was stupid and didn t want to make it through reality TV. But after years of fighting, he and just went and just went for it. Read More…

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It is not too much is known about the plot of the words.

It is not too much is known about the plot of the words, but here’s another of IMDb that it dramatic thriller dramatic thriller called , ‘When an aspiring writer claims another man’s long lost work as his own, is the price which to pay more than he could have ever imagined. The film was written and credited both of Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman, both for the story on Tron Legacy and Klugman a bit actor on various TV shows and Cloverfield Cloverfield. The info with the photo that there are still looking for sales, with U.S. Rights placing by Waterfall Media / Untitled decision represented. We will definitely keep an eye for it.

Take a look at the first photo in full screen mode and below.. First Look: Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana in Writer Drama ‘ The Words’Ohhh, the words as they hurt me! Waterfall Media & Benaroya Pictures a first look a first look photo from the indie drama The Words, Bradley Cooper as a writer at the peak at the peak his literary success, the price he must pay for stealing another man’s work. The photo features Cooper in the embrace of Zoe Saldana as Dora, seems not much light on the story, but at least the character. Read More…

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And it is unclear whether Anna Faris is returning to the franchise which launched her career.

Perhaps it is time announces plans for another ‘Scary Movie ‘Not a word on who write or direct the next installment of of the comedy series , and it is unclear whether Anna Faris is returning to the franchise which launched her career. Although she did not go on to many better films, her status as full comedy actress has grown to do, so maybe it’s time for a new actress. Maybe it’s time for a new direction with the countless horror remakes go. Could the new tranche enough to make a enough to be a meta – action with a remake of Scary Movie have? This might interest me.

Although the first installment of the franchise law was funny spoof, Scary Movie has since just another cheap attempt to grab money entertain from the easiest audience. The final installment of the parody series was published in 2006, but The Weinstein Company apparently on Facebook revealed that they are planning a fifth Scary Movie Perhaps the company is counting on Scream 4 revitalize the audience horror films such as horror movies like the parody, but recently, the series has evolved from simple fun of horror movies have become pop culture skewering various sects. Read More…

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Fox is a bit desperate to try.

Fox is a bit desperate to try, the first the people in the cinemas on May for the opening and this definitely seems like trying to make a very unique decision and bring people in. As we have seen many Easter egg endings, as in Iron Man last year, multiple multiple endings like in a in a long time. Hood did not say how different endings different endings would be. As for the other differences between the leaked version and the final cut, Hood explained that 400 unfinished visual effects shots and that. No points, unfinished sound mixing, and unfinished coloring However, he did not say anything about the differences in the footage.

More below!. Well, that’s a bummer. Only about two weeks before The Avengers began smashing box office records, we learned that one of the superhero sequels will follow next year had a new cast in the form of the beautiful Jessica Chastain won. Originally, she was too busy to play a role in Iron Man to take 3, but then allowed some production delays it may be the role of a sexy scientist in the movie. It seems, however, the source of the report was a bit overzealous, as updated her own Facebook page Chastain the fans say that they can not be seen in the superhero sequel opposite Robert Downey, after all. Read More…

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The president is open about his Christian faith.

Eli Roth last co – wrote, produced and starred in Nicolas Lopez thriller Aftershock, which is currently in post production. He also produced and co-wrote for man with the iron fists and the RZA -produced The Last Exorcism: Part II for Studio Canal. I know he has a very specific fan base, but I’m curious to see what the Green Inferno and how it turns out. Stay tuned for more. As I say there is something special about this title, The Green Inferno, unfortunately they are only that story details that held tightly under wraps. Damn, I hate when they do that. Nothing at all? wait speculate on something that is all we have, that there was a horror thriller from Chile is inspired, and that’s it. Although Roth himself has a few hints to fall in a quote as part of the press release on this news.

Time for horror fanatic / freak / filmmaker Eli Roth, finally stepping back behind the camera. Roth has been producing and also starred in numerous films, long-awaited earthquake – thriller called Aftershock , but nothing has since directed Hostel: Part II in 2007. Announced in Cannes today is World View Entertainment to finance signed and produce Eli Roth’s new horror-thriller, The Green Inferno, which he says was shooting in filming in Chile and the production this autumn starting in Peru and Chile. This is Roth’s long-awaited directorial follow up to Hostel horror franchise be. Read More…

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