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Those of you whoa is not planned for Any Scott Pilgrim sequelsMichael: He writes the last.

Those of you whoa is not planned for Any Scott Pilgrim sequelsMichael: He writes the last. It is about six, and the sixth is coming sometime next year.Cera Collider Collider and was Scott Pilgrim to a franchise – placed. He says:So there you have it. I will not promise that a sequel will not happen so all I know is that I strive to have to see a trailer and an official poster for this sometime in the near future it is due later this year, is not it.

Although Xerxes Rodrigo Santoro brought to life comic Zack Snyder film 300, it another actor another actor is strap on the gold chain for the promising prequel 300: Battle of Artemisia. Deadline has word the Animal Kingdom star Sullivan Stapleton has not landed yet follow the villain role in the movie, the the battle of Artemisium, where the Persian leader Xerxes fought the warlord named Themistocles . The story takes place over several years, but the focus is the battle of Artemisium and learn why Xerxes is the way he is. . Read More…

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At first handte Tugg.

AMC Theatres ‘ programming president, said in a statement: As we evaluate the program, although attempts in the theater, we are their potential first-hand with successful results not only that the election had experienced directly in the hands of our guests continue, but also through the power of grassroots sport, guest lawyer marketing. Tugg its partnerships with distributors before the opening of SXSW Film Festival in March in, essentially means that in simpler terms:. Once a screening committed participate participate, Tugg has steps and actually gives the theater prove booking, film ticketing and delivery, essentially, that you will be the screening of an audience, and Tugg make it happen. That sounds like a fantastic idea in the theory and essentially require it again, but with individual position and movies.

Out of nowhere, Twitch has followed a very different full-length Cosmopolis trailer that highlights many of its fantastic performers. We already know Robert Pattinson starred as billionaire who takes his limo around New York, but Samantha Morton is it this time, so is Kevin Durand and even Paul Giamatti. See below!. Finally, the first film about our new millennium. Just prior to the announcement as in competition in Cannes 2012 post this morning, the first full-length trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, sending filmmakers met in an tizzy over his seductive excesses and dark Cronenberg vibe. Read More…

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With The Bourne Legacy theaters hit this weekend.

With The Bourne Legacy theaters hit this weekend, was producer Frank Marshall has been the rounds to all the organs of the press, to answer questions about all of his past franchises of Back in the future, to Indiana Jones. Fortunately, it seems, not remakes and sequels for these films are happened, and we can add another one to the list of traditional favorites that the remake the remake brush. Marshall says Gremlins Gremlins remake could happen without permission of Steven Spielberg.

Is Goldberg returns as producer and Michael Dowse to draw back. Here everything is Baruchel had to say on Twitter, compiled in a neat series of quotations from the folks at Collider:. Read More…

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As someone who was not exactly thrilled with the first Wanted.

As someone who was not exactly thrilled with the first Wanted, I have not too much of an investment in reality see it come to fruition. When you end a film that wanted the way first, you sort, it would exist as a unit. As Millar says it makes more sense Apparentlycharacter Jolies place with some property modifications instead return that take the original character. Apparently the film will yet release to shoot this year with the aim of sometime in 2011, so we’ll see who steps to continue and when it comes to actually apply. How many of you out there want a sequel?

We will keep you up to date on this topic! Sounds good? – It is a battery on the planet Oa, which taps into the will of every excited of the universe from this ring can form constructs So if you got into a fight, you could form a giant fist Or a fighter plane.. Ah sounds like he sounds like he will leave Earth, maybe even a couple times. Now the big, awesome Green Lantern movie I ‘ve been waiting to see. It is exactly why I do not mind that they shoot this in New Orleans. Read More…

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He was capable of a surprising.

He was capable of a surprising, up close and personal account of the gang, his experiences as a member, as well as the people who deliver up to Hells Angels. The work shows a sober voice of Thompson, developed developed during his work out of ‘outsiders sympathetic defender,’as Adam Rosenberg says.

As boring as it sounds, it is actually pretty darn good the movie stars just about everyone:. Zachary Quinto, Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Penn Badgley, Simon Baker, Demi Moore and Stanley Tucci Roadside Attractions has debuted the trailer and I highly recommend checking it out, I am a fan of dialogue can be a bit cheesy, but it works well in the film and it’s a great thriller, I highly recommend it.. In a hurry, Trailer for JC Chandor the ‘Margin Call ‘Financial Crisis Thrillerposted Margin Call and American up-and-coming filmmaker JC Chandor directed, only in 2004 short Despacito before. That in the Financial District in the Financial District of Manhattan in mid-2010. Read More…

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