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This was originally the Wackness director Jonathan Levine.

THR announces David Gordon Green David Gordon Green and directed by Jonah Hill is the main role. Described as Adventures in Babysitting meets Superbad, following The Sitter a college student, for the semester and living hanging at home with his mother, a night to remember when in in babysitting the kids next door is spoken: two boys and a wild 8-year – old girl.. This was originally the Wackness director Jonathan Levine, his next film, but when Fox Atomic shut down, it was put on hold. Now back with a new director and a new star.

Not even dinner dinner with an Oscar-winning actor in the way of Quentin Tarantino and his stories. According to Christoph Waltz, who golden statuette golden statuette for his acting performance in the last Tarantino revenge tale landed Inglourious Basterds , the brainy writer and director was scheduled meet for dinner Waltz in the last year. But Tarantino was writing the writing of his new film Django Unchained and blasted Dinner moments before the two were set to dine. Read More…

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Money goes to Las Vegas dance clubs.

Pussy Riot is go to jail for her music. In 2008, children were presented with something to believe, and it is now so easy to be distracted. But I feel like we are. On the threshold of something that needs to happen are .. But also dance fans in search of a harmless good time inadvertently financing politician could with competing beliefs Given the funnel of. Money goes to Las Vegas dance clubs, fans can money money back Republican-leaning casino owner . – Kids to believe something, you want to participate in something just screams, Bravin said.

Whether today’s DJs in efficiently political maybe the question dance music dance music of the future, how phase period in American pop culture, or as the youth movement of our time. Read More…

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I just received a message from a Swiss reader who runs the website Cineman.

Right now, It looks like the beautiful Pen lope Cruz a little time in the controversial von Trier limelight steal steal Charlotte Gainsbourg their thunder at Cannes last year . I just received a message from a Swiss reader who runs the website tilt. He been told that somewhere in Germany, it was only announced that the German director Lars von Trier Cast Pen? Lope Cruz is his next movie called Melancholia. On their site, but I can not sourcing details. While I do not trust them to do, I need a confirmation before I can call it nothing more than a rumor.

, And the company is on the short-term focus on new carriage agreements here that will help to determine deliverney they can spend on major sports rights. Read More…

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The Sands of Time: Sands of Time is currently in theaters next summer on 19 June 2009.

Rule the world. Obviously Arterton the agent kicking ass, because they almost nothing to a big name in both Quantum of Solace and now Prince of Persia off! Jerry Bruckheimer produced and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire director Mike Newell leads this video game adaptation with shooting to in Morocco in Morocco and England.. The Sands of Time: Sands of Time is currently in theaters next summer on 19 June 2009. We will definitely bring you more updates as we hear them!It’s official – Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton will play a prince and princess in the upcoming video game adaptation Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

There are too many news tidbits floating around that it’s not worth writing an article for each of them. However, the big three just mentioned – Green Lantern, Justice League and the fourth Mad Max I’m sure most people know of the Justice League movie and the Green Lantern movie, but I bet no one knew they made a Mad Max 4! The first bit of news comes from Slash Film, there Peter dug many recent mentions of Mad Max 4 is under development in Australia. And while he is Justice League and above, most of the news comes on this day of IESB. But especially when comic book fans hear about this latest Green Lantern script, they are definitely very excited the next big the next big comic book movie. Read More…

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With these films.

In any case, the view is certainly interesting, to say the least. What do you think of all this?. There are many different iterations of the same heroes with very different histories and maybe like the Justice League Superman over Zack Snyder’s Superman. Who knows? Of course, with these films, the audience could easily see why another actor plays the same hero in two different movies at the same time confused, but I ‘d like to think that the internet would help them to find out.

Zack Snyder’s Superman distances itself from ‘ Justice League ‘ MovieSo we have two different Superman iterations existing in two different universes. If that’s the case, then I’m not sure why we need a reboot Batman franchise at all, to be honest. I personally like the concept with several actors playing different variations of the same superhero. This would ultimately be the ultimate way to make the cinematic universes similar to the comic universes. Read More…

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You can have a trailer here!

New video interview: ‘Black Swan’ director Darren AronofskyFox Searchlight’s Black Swan brings to theaters on 1 December. You can have a trailer here!Black Swan stars Natalie Portman as an aspiring ballerina in hopes of landing the lead role in a new production of Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake. One of their competitors is another young dancer named Lilly . I have will not spoil any more of the story, but let’s just say, it goes out to some very weird places from there.

The big plus is that this production production company behind Juno, but Jason Reitman is not involved, it does not mean much. Cody is also producing the film along with mandate, Mason Novick and Malkovich’s Mr. Mudd Productions.. I know not everyone is a big fan of screenwriter Diablo Cody, but I think that she refreshingly refreshingly unique script, and I’m always at least her to interesting new projects although they already Breathers got: A Zombie. S Lament and Sweet Valley High reported in the works, com, that Cody has been called the other new script Young Adult on the fast track was put at Mandate Pictures. Read More…

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From Rekall Beware!

From Rekall Beware! compresses the action. Last week, we featured some of the new viral ads for Total Recall Sony viral Rekall page for the company, will allow you to run ‘Tell us your fantasy. We make it real. ‘Our friend Silas Lesnick of Superhero Hype has continued snapping shots around Los Angeles of Total Recall – related viral ads, and one of them he found was a huge billboard ad for a new anti – Rekall ad: ‘Do not blow your mind ‘Oh shit, watch out, watch out for Rekall! The ads push the opposite anti – Rekall side of things, with three case studies on the new ‘No Rekall site and reading..

Len Wiseman directs this Total Recall remake from a script by James Vanderbilt, Kurt Wimmer and Mark Bomback, who allegedly more faithfully short Philip K. Dick story We Can will Remember It For You Wholesale. The new story goes national states Euromerica and new Shanghai, with Doug Quaid a factory worker in the latter who believe a spy a spy, even though? he doesn t know the site Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and John Cho also star in the film, arriving in theaters on August 3 this summer, visit the website and the trailer Rekall. Read More…

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What the hells going on in Hollywood?

What the hell’s going on in Hollywood? Financial difficulties of MGM Warner Bros’ 3D battles with Miramax problems, there is a lot of bad things happening, as if the entire industry apart. Deadline reported some other depressing news, although it yet yet by Disney .

Lordtch: New Hilarious Full Trailer for Will Ferrell ‘Casa de Mi Padre ‘Casa de Mi Padre, or The House of My Father in Spanish, is from Matt Piedmont, a former comedy writer and director for Funny or Die directed a script written by Andrew Steele. Not the sort of people you would expect. The film was NALA NALA from from Pantelion Films distributed in the U.S. Next year. Casa de mi Padre in theaters from 16th To arrive March 2012. Can not wait it it! Read More…

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Look at the first teaser trailer for James Watkins The Woman In Black.

Look at the first teaser trailer for James Watkins ‘ The Woman In Black, originally IGN:The Woman In Black directed by British filmmaker James Watkins , the horror Eden Lake before. First Class, adapted from Susan Hill’s classic novel: by Jane by Jane Goldman, of Stardust, Kick-Ass, The Debt, X-Men. Stay tuned Momentum Pictures in the UK, but a U.S. Release date has not been set up so that we are not sure if this is expected in theaters. Stay tuned for details! Who cares?

I do not know about anyone else, but I liked the Hollywood fantasy version of Robin Hood , who wore green tights and had a group of happy people more, not the gritty realistic one that apparently does exist, but as great. If it is really as good will, I’ll let the film speak for itself. And I probably excited walking out to continuation in continuation in . I by followers have impressed, I ‘m just worried that history will interesting interesting, but we’ll find out soon enough. If you are curious more, head to learn about the Times online their their full report on Robin Hood, due in theaters on 14th. Read More…

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What we found was case.

Reese: Well, what we found was case, it is had about 10 or 15 times, probably more like 10, but a lot of rewriting for the various stakeholders for the various stakeholders to win them for the project. And so we went through.

Wernick: Interestingly, it was to sit in the American Southwest and then tax incentives led us to the east, and we had seen the geography of the film and the character of the name again and we actually ended up filming in Georgia, which took the place of Texas. So we pushed it further east. But yes, it was always intended as a road movie. It is a sort of Midnight Run of zombie movies. Read More…

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