If you read and see more on this really sweet mentoring program by Rolex.

We will about about La Tercer Orilla sometime in the street on the festival circuit, so stay tuned. Sounds good? boost, the Rolex Mentor and Prot g? Arts Initiative young Argentine director Celina Murga coupled with iconic filmmaker Martin Scorsese for a year of creative collaboration. During this time, Scorsese provided comprehensive advice on a treatment and script, Murga was developed. Sounds like the ultimate film school to me! Now a helpful learning experience turn turn into a lucrative career boost, as we have already said Scorsese is as executive producer La Tercer Orilla , which forced the story of a16-year-old to his his says father’s will and his own liberty. Read on!. I can not imagine a better way to be thrust into the spotlight as a the film production working with one of the greatest filmmakers cinema.

Villain seems a bit strong word, but Ratray plays one half of a set of mischievous twins, sons a character played by Stacy Keach . We are not sure what makes them the bad guys in this film makeshift, but maybe they are trying to steal Dern wealth? One thing that we know for sure. The movie in black and white, a rarity for a movie that is not set in an earlier time or try to emulate classic cinema shot as The Artist Bob Odenkirk also stars in which film, the planned the filming this month. Read More…

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Who can turn into a dragon so it is no coincidence that director David Yates.

Waiting to be First Trailer for Whedon Lost Horror ‘The Cabin in the Woods ‘A group of five friends going on a quiet cabin retreat scratch the surface of something so massive and horrific that they only begin to fathom might might only to the time only to the time quickly runs out.

Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe? I bite, I like the sound this. John Cusack John Cusack confirmed on their Twitter that morning that he was ‘to play Edgar Allen Poe in fall-a – film[sic] called The Raven.’If we have two and put two can, this means Cusack as Poe starring role in V for the new film Vendetta director James McTeigue’s The Raven, a period piece about the last five days before the odd death of Poe, in which the poet in pursuit of a serial killer whose murders mirror the stories in his. It sounds like a dark and mysterious project and I’m excited to see Cusack take on this, especially because I ‘m a fan of McTeigue. Read More…

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Parked to the information about a suicide note in his car on the bridge.

Tony Scott was a talented, acclaimed, admired, respected filmmaker directed 16 features in his time. – Update# 2: Now Deadline reports that this update is not at all about inoperable brain cancer true. Scott ‘s widow Donna the police the police that the famous filmmaker / TV producer does not have brain tumors. After these updates and news on Monday evening, it sounds like Scott did not suffer from any disease, however, is that still unconfirmed. ABC News says that Tony Scott just found out that inoperable brain cancer before they jumping to his death on Sunday: Update -.

It makes me nervous and sad, even on the grounds that achieved a man like Tony Scott wants to think was going to kill himself. He is survived by his wife, Donna W. And their two children. Our thoughts are with his family and friends and the entire community filmmaker that be completely shocked and devastated by this news. Recalls not only through his many movies, even the red baseball cap he always remembered.. From Top Gun to Beverly Hills Cop II Days of Thunder The Last Boy Scout on True Romance Crimson Tide to Enemy of the State to Man on Fire to D j? Vu, Taking of Pelham 123 to Unstoppable Tony Scott leave legacy unforgettable films. Even at the age of 68 he was in some other projects. Read More…

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Publication of the indie Sound Of My Voice.

During the investigation First Teaser Poster & Opening clip for indie ‘ Sound Of My Voice ”not out of the vehicle close the garage door behind you, how about teasing with something a little eerie to the end this beautiful evening Fox Searchlight began her forthcoming.? publication of the indie Sound Of My Voice, which played at the Sundance Festival in 2011, with an opening clip and teaser poster. This is another cult film, but this time two people who claimed of a cult whose leader, from to examine the future. The poster plays off of a handshake from the movie, which is part of the cult, even if we do not get in in one of the shots. The film stars Christopher Denham, Nicole Vicius and Brit Marling, the also co-wrote the screenplay.

Trailer has debuted for the Brazilian action film Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, the sequel to the 2007 film Elite Squad. This action thriller has received enthusiastic reviews all over and in fact is the highest grossing film in Brazil, which is pretty damn cool. The action in this looks crazy and I have heard nothing but praise from everyone who has seen it in places like Fantastic Fest, Sundance and more. The Enemy Within by Jose Padilha, who now working in Hollywood setup the RoboCop the RoboCop remake. Read More…

RPG is the level codes for the old Tron arcade: COBOL.

RPG is the level codes for the old Tron arcade: COBOL, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLY, USERupdate# 2: Wow was fast fast. Program glitch esc.net: The trailer is located in a new viral site here was unlocked. We just booked it on the home page FirstShowing. I received an email from my friend Nick of MovieViral.com told me that the secret trailer URL had been discovered and explanations how the code on the website we are talking about has been solved. Here is the information he sent me about the four squares is:.

If you think you can find it give it a shot give it a shot and let us know if you find anything new. We do our best to keep you up to date as well!. Another Tron Viral site discovered – Decipher for the trailer?We are not sure what to do , since the new website was discovered only recently. But I have the feeling that this may lead to the unveiling of the trailer online . This new viral site has only four speakers. If you click each, the site disappears even crazier with all kinds of random numbers and words in large lists. If you are one of the fields with a number click it simply shows you different patterns of numbers. Read More…

For all tech nerds.

For all tech nerds, Kosinski said that the aspect ratio of the film itself is usually the second what normal is anamorphic widescreen. But for those five sequences, the aspect ratio of 1.77:1 will be what. IMAX not full, but he may have made a mistake The full IMAX ratio 1, but it sounds like trying trying almost full almost full IMAX for the 5 scenes. Also excited for this movie and all of this will more more. Although I know not Transformers 2 was a good movie, the full IMAX scenes best visual best visual moments. And the same goes for The Dark Knight. I a whole movie a whole movie Sun.

Sequences that aree 5 sequences in tall IMAX screen size – There is a lot of buzz for Tron Legacy now and it is for good measure, is because after seeing the trailer, I’m most anticipated movie coming this year. After its premiere at the event in Los Angeles last weekend, said Peter Sciretta of Slash movie and I briefly with director Joe Kosinski in the lobby. When asked about aspect ratios, Kosinski told us that 5 – sequences, which are displayed at a larger full-size aspect ratio, almost as if it were top-to-bottom IMAX size would be. There were only two other films in the IMAX scenes show: The Dark Knight and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Read More…

In particular Talk About Shooting 127 HoursI just love listening Boyle talk about filmmaking.

In particular Talk About Shooting ’127 Hours’I just love listening Boyle talk about filmmaking, he’s such a great guy and so damn talented. And I can not wait to see a trailer next! We want to make it a challenge for you as well his. To see if you can see it. Bring it on. First sight first sight Post, Boyle said you want him to cut off his arm to the end. In addition to Franco, the cast includes Lizzy Caplan, Kate Mara, Amber Tamblyn and the lovely Cl? Mence Po? He also had two cinematographers Anthony Dod Mantle and Enrique Chediak, the Franco follow by first-person POV dialogue in some scenes. Fox Searchlight scheduled 127 hours limited release from 5th November..

Big Hero 6 is a state-sanctioned team of super – heroes on the disposal of the Japanese government has announced with a top-secret consortium of politicians and business enterprises as are Giri, formed to recruit and train potential superhuman effect. The original line-up included like heroes? Silver Samurai, Sunfire, GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, and Hiro Takachiho Baymax. A few of these characters originated in the X-Men comics, so it is not clear whether all of these heroes will make it to the big screen versio. This should be viewed only as a rumor now, but with Comic-Con next month will get this kind of news out of the woodwork a little is not too soon as surprising. Read More…

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The 50-nts to say Oprah Winfrey daytime talk throne?

‘.. The 50-nts to say Oprah Winfrey daytime talk throne?And, Couric knows all eyes are on them. For the first episode of her show, whose range from stations reaching 97 percent of the country, the host is happy to chat with new mom Jessica Simpson. ‘You can factor in, but this is not a publicity stop’Probst said of his show, which is distributed by CBS, but on NBC on NBC stations. The 50 – year-old television personality overlord of sovereign Tribal Councils on ‘Survivor’served since 2000, they said will not see, did -off candidates on his show: ‘This show is about the adventures of life, friendships, relationships.

- The after Oprah world is still in its infancy, self-confidence when new faces will vie for control this fall: Survivor host Jeff Probst, talk show Ricki Lake and veteran TV journalist Katie Couric all rolled out Monday syndicated talk shows. That’s not all that’s not all, Family Feud host Steve Harvey debuted last week, and conflict resolution experts Trisha Goddard and Marie Osmond are willing to start their talk shows in the coming weeks.. Read More…

Located in a change of name by removing the Shakespeare from the title of the company.

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada – one of the premiere repertory theater companies world. Located in a change of name by removing the ‘Shakespeare ‘from the title of the company, which will known as the known as the Stratford Festival, announced the change Thursday and said the new name is effective immediately.

Artist: Marvin GayeTitle: Trouble Man: 40th Anniversary EditionRelease Date: November 19, 2012Label: Hip – O Selectformat : 2 – CDsEarlier this year, Stratford Festival ‘Shakespeare’ from its nameComments are filtered for language and registration is required. Times Times makes no guarantee of comments ‘ factual accuracy readers can inappropriate comments the link the link abuse to report next to a comment Here are the full legal terms you agree with this comment form.. Read More…

Stoke the fire stoke the fire.

Stoke the fire stoke the fire, I actually do pretty pretty damn little. I would even say it was more of a unique experience that I am sad that I’m going to not be able again through. Not only were there some very intense scenes , In fact, he also very scary and very exciting. I do not feel that anxious and uncertain of what will happen to the characters in a long while. And I absolutely loved the end. I would say that Proyas is definitely back. In fact, he was never gone, as I also enjoyed I, But what do despite marginally acting Nic Cage, it was really one hell of a unique cinematic experience.

With another edgy new dark thriller Thus in this Proyas’ triumphant return? Knowledge or as edgy and exciting as Proyas’ two before cult classics? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what do you think!. A comeback Off: Alex Proyas’ Knowing – What Did You Think? So what did you think of knowledge – ? This is Proyas’ comeback or another boring thriller?Now that you ‘ve seen it, what do you have? Director Alex Proyas is best known and loved for two films his past – The Crow and Dark City. Read More…

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